Have you ever purchased a product that broke almost immediately?

Have you been uncertain the product would function normally after changing parts?

Have you had to spend extra money to change parts or make repairs?

Recently, we have heard comments like these from our users. They are plenty of low quality products and imitations currently out in the marketplace. In a worst-case scenario, these low-quality products can occasionally lead to unfortunate workplace accidents.

We want to provide you assurance by providing high quality products that are affordable and safe. Introducing our legacy, borne from five-plus decades in the industry:


About Our Company

We were founded in 1958 as an Export Division of Mitsuboshi Belting, Ltd., a firm known for its automotive fan belts and timing belts. Soon after, we began developing motorcycle parts and have risen to our current position as a leading trading company with over 50 years of experience in the motorcycle parts production industry.

Having been in the business this long, we have witnessed a steadily declining lack of quality in the market of many producing nations.

“M-PROJECT” was therefore established within Mitsuboshi Boeki, Ltd. and is reinforcing our commitment to provide low cost, but yet high quality products to guarantee our customer’s satisfaction. We plan to expand our existing business world-wide offering products from two-wheel motorcycles to outboard motors and four-wheel devices. We continually strive to offer the finest, reasonably priced parts not only from Japan, but also China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Korea.

Take advantage of our special abilities as a trading company, and under our quality control management, we do our best to provide the very best quality products with affordable price.

Piston Kit

~The most important part around an engine, the M-Project Piston Kit sets the standard in durability.~

A variety of parts combinations is made possible including Japanese-made pistons and rings or the products of other countries combined with Japanese rings, etc. In this way, we can consistently meet your needs and budget.

We feel it vital that our customers use the highest quality piston kit as it is the most important part around any engine – it is our wish that you avoid having to change out expensive engines due to faulty piston kits.

Low quality aluminum pistons can build up excess air (“blowholes”) during casting and heat up with use: air in the blowhole will expand with the heat, causing the piston to crack or break apart. In addition to the piston, the cylinder block can also be damaged and necessitate replacing the entire engine.

The piston ring is essential in circulating engine oil inside the cylinder. Engine oil is spread by the piston ring within the cylinder and helps reduce friction between the parts in motion. A low quality piston will often have uneven tolerance, causing uneven flow of engine oil, and will quickly wear out moving parts. Often, a tell-tale sign of uneven oil flow distribution is smoke coming from the engine is caused by the ring.

The quality of all our products is maintained and controlled under the supervision of Mitsuboshi Boeki, Ltd. We can guarantee satisfaction with any of our product combinations: in particular, we highly recommend the use of our Japanese-made piston and ring.

Protect your engines with the M-Project Piston Kit: we can provide not only the kit, but also any individually ordered items, as well.

  • We can consistently offer meeting your needs and budget.

  • Protect your engines with the M-Project Piston Kit.

Sprocket+Chain kit

~M-Project Sprockets and Chains will positively change engine performance: they are the key components of driving force.~

Sprockets and Chains translate driving power created by the engine, but cannot communicate power with poorly designed sprocket and chain, causing vibration while driving, venting and the wear of sprocket teeth, or cracking along the chain plating.

M-Project’s Sprockets and Chains provide a smooth ride with minimal wear andchain stretching.

Mitsuboshi Boeki, Ltd. supervises the entire sprocket production process: Material – Flatness – Hobbing – Heat Treatment – Run Out – Stamping – Inspection.

“ Price with Quality” – feel the stability of M-Project’s Sprockets and Chains!

Choose material such as SS400 or S45C. Depending on your budget, we can also take orders of variety types of platings including white zinc.

M-Project’s Sprockets and Chains are produced and quality-checked based on the highest safety demands; motorcycles such as the “Bike Taxi” (with capacity for more than five people) have excellent durability. We can provide non-sealed, sealed, and heavy duty chains with top notch Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality to satisfy any business needs.

We will accept orders ranging from a single item to multiple Sprocket Sets and Chain Kits.

  • Mitsuboshi Boeki, Ltd. supervises the entire sprocket & chain production process.

  • M-Project’s Sprockets and Chains are produced and quality-checked based on the highest safety demands.

  • We can also take orders of variety types of plating including white zinc.

Breake Shoe+Pad

~When it comes to critical stopping parts, M-Project’s Brake Shoes and Pads are guaranteed to provide maximum safety benefits.. ~

M-Project’s Brake Shoes/ Pads use professionally blended friction materials that perform exceptionally well in adverse weather conditions.

Other materials include both asbestos and other environmentally safe non-asbestos types.

We pay undivided attention to quality control on vital safety items; by maintain quality of die cast parts, bonding adhesives, peel-strength friction materials, brake shoe roundness, durability, and high-quality springs to provide stability. The difference in quality can definitely be appreciated!

A Common problem of brake shoe wear is chipping of the friction material. Our friction material is pasty, so it will last longer and prolong brake life. This friction material is considered an OME part by one of mainstream motorcycle manufacturers and satisfaction is guaranteed. Please touch and actually feel M-Project’s material!

  • M-Project’s Brake Shoes and Pads are guaranteed to provide maximum safety benefits.

  • M-Project's Brake shoe/pad will last longer and prolong brake life .